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La Pirogue, authentic hotel in Mauritius 

La Pirogue resort rewards its loyal employees

25 octobre 2013

La Pirogue in Mauritius thanked its most loyal employees at a lavish dinner and awards ceremony on October 2013

La Pirogue rewards its loyal employees

The Sun Resorts Group is dedicated to providing the best services for holidaymakers who visit Mauritius. To ensure that standards at the luxury resorts are upheld the management take every opportunity to recognise and reward the dedication of the staff who have given immeasurable service to the organisation.

The 4-star Mauritian hotel La Pirogue officially honoured its most loyal employees with a lavish dinner on October 10th 2013. The banquet was held in the presence of Fabio Piccirillo, CEO of Sun Resorts, Clency Romeo, the new General Manager of the La Pirogue resort and Michael Sik Yuen, the Minister of Tourism for Mauritius.

Mauritian Minister of Tourism thanks staff at La Pirogue

In his speech, Fabio Piccirillo congratulated the long standing employees for their dedication and commitment to the Sun Resorts Group and particularly for upholding standards at the 4 star resort, La Pirogue. Clency Romeo also gave a speech to thank his employees and later the Tourism Minister Mr Sik Yuen addressed the audience during the ceremony.

After the speeches, certificates and other awards were given to the deserving and hard-working employees. Incredibly, two employees have given 30 years and 35 years of service to La Pirogue hotel in Mauritius. They are Budullah Yusuf, Director of Human Resources and Tommy Wong, Chief Financial Officer at Sun Resorts.

Such dedication and loyalty typifies the special relationship afforded by Sun Resorts and its employees, without whom this special 4 star resort would not accomplish the unparalleled success it has to date. Thousands of holiday makers have benefited from their hard work and diligence and for that, we salute them.

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