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La Pirogue, the perfect place to relax and unwind…

10 août 2015

Each of the bars at the 4 star Mauritian hotel La Pirogue is the perfect place to order a glass of wine or a refreshing cocktail, sit back and enjoy a picture-perfect sunset unfold in front of you.

Relax and unwind at the Beach Bar

The Beach Bar is a cozy and friendly escape sitting on the sandy shore with the ocean gazing straight at you. It offers you complete tranquility. Touch the white beds of sand, take a dip in the sea and then head back to the bar for a refreshing drink or a quick bite. A place to kick back and relax, the staff know exactly how to make you comfortable as you take a breath of fresh air. No matter the temperature, you will always be pleasantly surprised. Falling in love with the ambience is a particularity that graces the 4 star Mauritian resort’s tables. An experience of affection and the flow of informal mood, one can enjoy impressive cocktails and mouth-watering snacks.

Thirst quencher, tongue tickler and sumptuous delights

With a unique atmosphere, the Beach Bar serves freshly made salads, sandwiches and contemporary seafood bites. The menu offers a range of dishes for lunch like a simple baguette to more substantial Asian tapas and Mauritian “gajaks” which are local specialties forming part of the local cuisine. Relish the chicken or lamb samosas loved by the Mauritian population and found at numerous parties, weddings and get-togethers. While vegetarian options are definitely on offer if you decide to skip meat, the delicious desserts will never let you leave hungry.

This aptly-named escape has a refined touch of warmth and welcomes you from midday. A missed lunch should not be a problem as you can indulge in a little tea time snack, from pancakes with fillings to fresh scones with condiments.

The menu may seem like it involves only food and beverages, but do not be disheartened as you will be glad to know that learning a few words of the Creole dialect comes on the side. A favourite and quite popular phrase, “Bonzour, ki manier ?” which translates to “Hello, how are you ?” will probably go a long way to put a smile on the staff, one wider than they already have.

Best of Mauritian rhums and cocktails

As well as bringing you the best of Mauritian specialties, the 4 star resort La Pirogue irresistible bar menu covers a range of wines and flavoured rums - a curious choice of tongue ticklers called “Rum Arrangé” prepared locally, with the option of lemongrass, lemon, vanilla and orange to choose from. However, one of the signature cocktails like Daiquiri, Planteur or Caipirinha is a must try.

The bar comes into its element right after tea when you can watch the sun go down at daybreak, sipping on an exotic cocktail. So come over and have a drink, grab some lunch, cool off on a cocktail while the sun sets, the sea disappears and the sky fills with stars. Your holidays at the 4 star Mauritian resort La Pirogue will be an unforgettable adventure…that’s so much more than lying on a beach for a week.

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