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Meet the Chef : Michel Chabran

29 novembre 2013

Chef Michel Chabran has been a regular visitor to the island of Mauritius and an even more loyal customer of La Pirogue hotel for over 20 years.

Chabran originally from Tournon -sur- Rhone, has been described as a connoisseur of ‘staggering brilliance’ and ‘an exponent of French cuisine at its very best’. Yet he also considers La Pirogue his tropical home from home. This is no less than his ninth visit to the Mauritian 4 star beach resort.

Naturally, this is a great compliment for La Pirogue, to think that a person of such integrity and discerning taste would continue to patronise their establishment for so many years.

As we all know chefs work incredibly hard in the kitchen and if La Pirogue is the place that he chooses to enjoy his vacation, then the hotel staff know they are doing something right. They value the opinions of their customers very much – and Michel Chabran is a fierce critic of everything they do at this hotel in Mauritius.

A French culinary legend

Michel Chabran belongs to a generation of honest artisans who love combining tradition and modernity, allowing one to influence the other, not at the expense of the other. He is, like so many of his French counterparts completely indebted to the land and the seasonal delights it conjures, which goes someway to explain the many truffle tasting classes he holds in his native country of France.

Indeed Chabran has been credited with the continued success of the restaurant where he is Chef de Cuisine in Pont de l’Isère near the Cote d’Azur. He has helped to create a seasonally adjusted menu that is subtle as it is surprising, fragrant and inventive.

A penchant for the finer things in life

It is said that Chabran learned to cook in the kitchen with his mother and grandmother – between the vine and river, et sous les cerisiers entertaining such notable figures as the King of Spain and Catherine Deneuve. Now La Pirogue, once more has the great fortune to be able to entertain he, who so often entertains, in the beautiful surroundings of this 4 star resort in Mauritius.

These are a few of his favourite things. The chef loves exotic cuisine such as Creole and Moroccan dishes. He adores a glass of the French liqueur, Chartreuse. He also has a penchant for Beaufort cheese in the morning and in the evening a chilled glass of Saint Péray, the southern Côtes du Rhône variety.

It has been said that Michel Chabran is a mix of everything he does : he possesses the figure of a chef, the greedy mouth and the expert eye of a connoisseur. His hands are skilled yet his voice secretive but passionate as he divulges his latest recipe. If this is the case then he will have only good things to say about La Pirogue. After nine separate holidays the team at this sophisticated hotel know his continued patronage is a compliment of the highest order.

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