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The Beach Bar at La Pirogue, Mauritius

21 décembre 2013

The fun revolves around the white sandy beaches when you go on holiday in Mauritius.

The Beach Bar at La Pirogue, Mauritius

An imagined place – a mirage and haven for the super-chilled

The fun revolves around the white sandy beaches when you go on holiday in Mauritius. Everything happens on the beach, whether that’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, yoga, volleyball, swimming, diving or just plain sunbathing. Mauritius has over 160km of sandy perfection along its tropical shores. It has coral reefs and calm lagoons and azure blue seas on par with some of the best island paradises in the world.

Naturally, when the sea-view is this inviting you want to be close to it at all times – hence the necessity for a benevolent beach bar ; haven of the shady cocktail. Nothing conjures up an idea of island decadence quite as much as a bar on a beach.

Just another day in Paradise

The beach bar is open

The beach bar is what we dream about when we dream about our dream holiday abroad. We see ourselves without a care in the world, white linen, espadrilles and sarong, lounging under the shade of a thatched grass roof, a sunny tropical drink in hand gazing through sunshades far out to sea, beyond the horizon, drinking it in. The clock has stopped and the sign says open. Welcome to another sunny day in paradise.

The beach bar at La Pirogue hotel in Mauritius should rate as one of the best experiences when you stay at this 4resort. It is the perfect place to enjoy finger food and a chilled tipple or three beside the sea. The bar lays a few metres from La Pirogue Yacht Club, so the moment you return from your latest nautical adventure, you put your feet in the sand and seconds later enjoy an ice cold beer in your hand. On the menu there are salads, wraps, tapas and Mauritius snacks. Romantic couples usually opt for crepes topped with shredded coconut, banana caramel, fruit compote and melted chocolate.

Mauritian rums take centre-stage, especially when you try the signature cocktails, La Pirogue style. The bar offers a wide selection of contemporary tropical cocktails, and a variety of soft drinks and fruit juices to brighten up your day.

With or without alcohol beach bars enhance the castaway experience you get on the best holidays, a sensation that you are truly a long way from home. They are the perfect place to channel your inner Robinson Crusoe and plan your next… oh wait. There is no plan. Plans are things that happen elsewhere in the world ; not today, not at a beach bar on the white sands of Mauritius.

Drink in hand – toes in the sand

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