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The best beach bar in Mauritius is at the 5 star La Pirogue Resort and Spa

10 février 2014

Be honest, the beach bar is where you spend most of your holiday.

The beach bar provides light entertainment in the form of the convivial barman, ably assisted by fellow holiday makers, able to chat more freely than in formal dining settings.

When you return to your resort after an exhaustive tourist excursion – once you have freshened up, the beach bar is the natural destination.

Why are beach bars so cool ?

Beach bars serve alcohol. Beach bars serve food and offer welcome shade from tropical sunshine. Importantly, beach bars are in touching distance of the shoreline – so while you are not exactly on the beach you’ve definitely got a ringside seat.

From your barstool you are master/mistress of all you survey : the sun, the sand, the sea and the swimming pool. If you wish you can dive into the cool waters a hop, skip and a jump away. This is what you can do when you are on holiday in the tropics and there is nothing that will drive home that point better than the beach bar.

The perfect holiday resort in Mauritius

So when you are searching for the perfect holiday in Mauritius – make sure it has the best possible beach bar. At La Pirogue resort on the West Coast there is an establishment called the Coconut Café. There are few better beach bars on the island of Mauritius.

The Coconut Café is suitably named because it is situated in a coconut grove next to the infinity pool that forms the centrepiece of La Pirogue.

La Pirogue has fine dining establishments dotted throughout the luxury resort where chefs push boundaries of culinary excellence. Yet there is an altogether different atmosphere at the Coconut Café.

The best place to do nothing at all

It has the laid-back vibe of an exotic hideout shaded by palms swaying on the South Easterly trade winds. Frangipanis buzz to the sound of busy bees propagating paradise. Gecko’s echo their haunting call.

If you close your eyes you hear the lap of calming waters – there is little else to disturb your repose. In the Coconut Café you feel each passing second belongs only to you. Time well spent is worth spending.

The man behind the bar will tempt you with delights such as smoked marlin. If you are not feeling so adventurous there is pizza and pasta, paninis and potato chips to satisfy a modest palette.

Like all good beach bars, there is little to do but sit, eat, drink and shoot the breeze. Nothing really matters anymore. You have all the time in the world.

If you ever experience the pleasure of the Coconut Café at La Pirogue, commit it to memory because photographs will not do it justice. You may return to Mauritius eventually – many people do – but these moments should be savoured as a souvenir of a perfect holiday in Mauritius.

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