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The ’Stand-Up Paddle’ courtesy of La Pirogue

23 septembre 2013

We should always try something different in life, especially when it comes to leisure and sporting activities.

The ’Stand-Up Paddle’ courtesy of La Pirogue

New pursuits stimulate the brain and encourage healthy growth throughout our lives. There is a new, free activity that can be done throughout the day at the wonderful 4 star resort, La Pirogue, weather, tides and wind direction permitting. It maybe something you may not have contemplated before, but imagine paddling in a serene, turquoise, tropical lagoon, while standing up.

This form of water sport has its origins in Hawaii and is an excellent way to explore the waters around the resort. The vessel allows you to glide gracefully at your own pace within the safety of the yellow marker buoys at both La Pirogue and Sugar Beach resorts.

This is a fun way to see all the fish swimming around and also the coral. On a sporting note, it is excellent exercise for the arms and legs. It’s not easy to paddle while standing and this will require some focus before you learn the technique.

You need to be a good swimmer, and one who also possesses a fair degree of balance out of the water. The use of appropriate clothing is advisable and children under 12 years must be accompanied by parents or monitored appropriately.

Our instructors are on hand to assist you and give you tips on how to move, rotating and adjusting your balance. Although it is prohibited to venture onto the reef for obvious safety reasons, there is plenty of water to navigate and we guarantee that you will become addicted to this fascinating form of water travel that is as gentile as it is graceful, an experience you will not forget.

For further information, go to the boathouse which is open from 09:00 to 17:00.

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