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La Pirogue, authentic hotel in Mauritius 

Two new plants in the magnificent gardens of La Pirogue !

16 juillet 2013

Two new plants placed by famous personalities have joined the luxuriant gardens of the 4-star Hôtel La Pirogue in Mauritius.

A hotel in gardens

The 4-star Hôtel La Pirogue, the wonderful icon of Mauritian hostelry, welcomes you to its luxuriant gardens, which include a splendid coconut plantation and many species of endemic plants which require some very special conditions. In fact, for many years, La Pirogue has been committed to preserving the flora and fauna of Mauritius, calling upon famous personalities who symbolise this commitment by placing a given species during their stay at this authentic Mauritian hotel. Recently, two new plants have been added to the gardens, which people are so pleased to visit.

Miss Earth Brazil for Mauritian nature

At the 37th birthday of the Hôtel La Pirogue on 7th June 2013, for the crowning of Miss Earth Mauritius, Camilla Brant, in all her elegant refinery, planted a Barringtonia asiatica. And Miss Earth Brazil played her role brilliantly, raising the population’s awareness that nature should be preserved. Barringtonia asiatica is a medicinal plant which is particularly known to relieve stomachache and treat asthma.

A famous author at La Pirogue

During a literary event organised in the beautiful, natural surroundings of the gardens at La Pirogue, the famous author J.M.G. Le Clézio stayed at this Mauritian resort for a few days. The world-renowned author, who has written more than 40 books and received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2008, also left his imprint in the tropical gardens of La Pirogue. He was delighted to plant a Gastonia mauritiana, an endemic plant from the “Araliaceae” family. So, now is your chance to go and admire the plants when you next stay at the 4-star Hôtel La Pirogue in Mauritius !

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